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Getting Started

Welcome to BuddyPress! This section will help you set up your new BuddyPress-powered site as Super/Site Administrator: installing and configuring your settings to managing users, groups, activity streams and other BuddyPress components. It will also provide a guide for your users if you enable specific components. To run BuddyPress, following are some guidelines.

To run BuddyPress, we recommend your host supports:


BuddyPress 5.0+ supports WordPress 4.7 or greater.
BuddyPress 4.0+ supports WordPress 4.6 or greater.
BuddyPress 3.0+ supports WordPress 4.5 or greater.
BuddyPress 2.9+ supports WordPress 4.4 or greater.
BuddyPress 2.8+ requires at least PHP 5.3 and supports WordPress 4.3 or greater.
BuddyPress 2.7+ supports WordPress 4.2 or greater.
BuddyPress 2.6+ supports WordPress 4.1 or greater.
BuddyPress 2.5+ supports WordPress 3.9 or greater.
See for the list of BuddyPress release versions and WordPress version compatibility.

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