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WordPress version compatibility

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Updated documentation for following section is available here.

BuddyPress shines brightest when run on the newest available version of WordPress – we optimize for the latest and greatest. For this reason, the BuddyPress team strongly recommends that all WordPress installations be kept up to date. However, we strive to maintain support for a number of legacy WordPress versions – generally, four or five major versions.

Near the beginning of each development cycle, we reassess BuddyPress’s minimum required WP version. Our rough guidelines are as follows:

What do we mean when we say that BP “supports” a given version of WordPress? Roughly:

By extension: When we “drop support” for a version of WordPress, it means we stop including it in our builds, stop answering support questions related to that specific WP version, and stop putting function_exists() checks (and the like) targeting that version when building new BP features. Dropping support does not mean that we will actively try to break older versions of WP 🙂

Getting Started

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