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BuddyPress Codex

Welcome to the BuddyPress Codex: online documentation and guides for BuddyPress. Below are the primary sections of the Codex for Users, Site Administrators, and Developers.

BuddyPress Features

Need to understand what BuddyPress offers? Components and Features is here to provide a detailed breakdown and explanation of all the features you will find in Buddypress in as much detail as possible.

Getting Started

New to BuddyPress?, Not sure where to begin? Getting Started is here to help! Everything you need to know about setting up your new BuddyPress powered site is here from installing and activating to setting up Extended profile fields.

Administrator Guide

Administrators guides cover all aspects of managing your brand new BuddyPress installation and covers the various tools and functions you have available from the backend of your site.

Member Guide

Need to learn a little about using BuddyPress as a general site member, this section provides handy guides to understanding all the available BuddyPress functions for the user.

BP Theme Development

Want to customize your site? Thinking about building a new BP theme? The guides in Themeing will help you understand what’s possible and how to achieve it.

BP Plugin Development

Building BuddyPress plugins? You’ll find helpful guides and instructions on how to go about building BP plugins the right way.

Developer Resources

Developer resources provides detailed guides on BuddyPress classes, functions, actions, and loops.

Participate & Contribute

BuddyPress is a community driven open source project, learn how you can get involved and contribute.

Version Releases & Changelogs

A central reference for BuddyPress version release details, listing changes, updates, new additions and their relevant trac tickets.



The codex is also organized into various sections, which you can check out below: