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Participate and Contribute


Help improve BuddyPress documentation by writing articles or updating existing material.

Our documentation is volunteer led and is driven by community contributions, articles and guides to using BuddyPress written by users for users. We greatly encourage everyone to get involved and help improve our documentation and all members may contribute or edit pages on the codex.

To prevent spam in the codex, we manually add users as Authors or Editors. This is largely a formality, so please contact anyone from moderation team and we’ll grant you the access you need. The simplest way to do this is via the support forums with a new topic requesting access and @mention’ing one of the following people:

@jjj, @DJPaul, @boonebgorges, @mercime, @hnla, @shanebp, @danbp, @henrywright

We do have a few Standards and Guidelines we try to adhere to as far as content, tone, approach, etc… Please review and consider them before making changes and publishing content.


+ Inline Documentation initiative – includes the list of files and how to contribute to this project Forums

Help others at Read how to provide support at the BuddyPress Forums.


Create a BuddyPress-enhanced WordPress theme and submit it to the WordPress Theme repository.


Create a BuddyPress-compatible plugin or bridge an existing WordPress plugin to work in BuddyPress and submit it to the WordPress Plugin repository.

BuddyPress Trac

The BuddyPress Trac allows you to create a new ticket and work on created tickets, as well as taking a look at the source code of BuddyPress and all the changes throughout versions.


Report Bugs

If you think you’ve found a bug, it’s a good idea to search BP trac to see if a ticket already exists. Log into BuddyPress trac using your credentials and navigate to New Ticket.

Never written a bug report? The WordPress Handbook has an excellent guide on what to do before you report a bug and how to write a good bug report.

Contribute Patches

* http:///

Test Patches


Translate BuddyPress

Become a Translation Editor and select BuddyPress. Choose your preferred language e.g. German. Then select ‘Stable (latest release)’ or ‘Development (trunk)’. The translation needs to be 100% complete to be approved for the Stable/Dev languages.

IRC Chats / Slack

Update: BuddyPress dev chats have moved from IRC to as of 10/28/2014. Please set up your account for per details provided at to access the #buddypress channel.

BuddyPress dev chats happen every Wednesday at 20:00 UTC in the #buddypress channel of To find out what time 20:00 UTC is in your country, look here.

The BuddyPress Development Blog is at

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