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Installing BuddyPress Plugins

Plugins which extend BuddyPress are available at:

Make sure that the plugin tagged as “buddypress” is compatible with the BP/WP version activated in your server. Note that some BuddyPress plugins require PHP 5+. Also note that when extending BuddyPress using various 3rd party plugins and themes acquired in the WordPress repo or elsewhere, it is advisable to check against other plugins and registration upon activating each individual plugin and/or theme. Reason being is that some plugins and themes do not always play well with certain BuddyPress plugins, themes and the registration. So by using a process of elimination by testing each plugin and theme individually you will avoid having to go through many plugins at one time trying to find the culprit that causes a conflict within your installation.
[This article is still incomplete and will be expanded at a later time.]

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