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Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t see the register button on my BuddyPress site!

Login to the WP admin area, navigate to “Settings > General”, and make sure “Anyone can register” is checked.

If you’re using WordPress in network mode, login to the WP admin area, navigate to “Super Admin > Options”, and under “Allow new registrations”, select any option but “Disabled”.

BuddyPress isn’t sending out emails (eg. activation emails, email notifications)

This appears to be a problem with certain web hosts (Bluehost primarily).

Members of the BP community have had success using:

WP Mail SMTP and Configure SMTP can send a test email which often provides useful debug information. Check also with your webhost’s tech support for more information.

Activity Stream

BP 1.2 Default Theme – Set the Activity Stream as front page, blog posts on another page

1) Login to the WP backend, navigate to “Pages > Add New”. Create an empty, new page called “News” or “Blog” or whatever you want. This page will contain the blog updates.

2) Under “Settings > Reading”, set front page to “Activity Stream” and your posts page to the new page that you just created.

How do I disable activity stream comments for blog and forum posts?

1) Login to the WP backend, navigate to “Buddypress > General settings”.

2) Under “Disable activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts?” Select “Yes”.

Extending BuddyPress


Why can’t I upload avatars on my server?

This could be a number of things, but make sure you have the GD image library installed.   It might also be permissions, so make sure the web server has correct permissions.

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