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BuddyPress Links in WordPress Menus

We are currently working on a documentation reboot, here’s the new home of the best accurate docs (WIP). You’re very welcome to contribute to it.

You can add links to: (a) the directory pages of your activated BuddyPress components and/or (b) your respective Member screens, in any of the navigation menus available in your theme. This can only be done after you finish configuring your BuddyPress installation (regular site | multisite).

Updated documentation for following sections is available here.

Add Menu Links to the Directory Pages of Activated BuddyPress Components

Links include: Sitewide Activity, Members Directory, Groups Directory, and/or Blogs Directory (multisite only).

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Menus.
  2. Create a new menu.
  3. Under the “Pages” section, select the links to the BuddyPress pages.
  4. Click on the “Add to Menu” button.
  5. Arrange the menu links as you like it.
  6. Click on “Save the Menu” button.
  7. Go to the “Manage Locations” tab and assign this menu to a theme menu location.
  8. Click save and refresh your site to see your new custom menu in place.

Add Menu Links Specific to the Logged-in Member

  1. Click on “Screen Options” to open up the panel at the top of the screen and check the “BuddyPress” option under the “Show On Screen” section. You can either create a new menu to contain these membership links or add them to the menu you already created above.
  2. Navigate to the new “BuddyPress” navigation links in the panel shown below.
  3. Select the items you would like to add to your menu
  4. Click on the “Add to Menu” button. The links will be added to the Menu Structure panel.
  5. Click on “Save the Menu” button.

Example of this menu in the front page of your site.

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