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Herding Cats with the BuddyPress Activity Component

BuddyPress is great for building niche community sites. But, in the hands of the right developer, BP can power much more than just social networks. The Activity component is a prime example of this flexibility.

This session discusses how WordPress Rewrite Rules API integration for BuddyPress 1.8 was planned, architected, built, and patched.

Beyond the Default: Explorations and Experiments in BuddyPress

For years BuddyPress was tied to a specific theme and creating a custom theme had a steep learning curve. BuddyPress now has theme independence. This presentation looks beyond the default, to new UI’s, new possibilities.

BuddyPress 101

This is an introduction into the use of BuddyPress on an existing WordPress-powered web site. NOTE: this video may be of an earlier version of BuddyPress.

Advanced BuddyPress Plugin Development

Beyond the Blog with BuddyPress and bbPress

This presentation showcases some favorite BuddyPress and bbPress installations. It explains what makes them great, why they’ve succeeded, and provides tips and tricks you can implement to take your BuddyPress and bbPress powered site far beyond the blog.

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