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Moderate Activity Streams

Published on November 9th, 2014 by @mercime

BuddyPress provides admin dashboard panels to help you manage all the different activities throughout the site, similar to the way you manage comments and other content. This screen is customizable in the same ways as other management screens, and you can act on activities using the on-hover action links or the Bulk Actions. There are […]


Published on April 16th, 2014 by Bowe

The notifications component was added to BuddyPress 1.9 and works identically to the previous core notifications functionality, but now separates everything into it’s own component. This page will give you a quick overview of it’s functionality. Functionality¬†Overview Notifications are a central aspect¬†of the user experience on a BuddyPress site. By default new notifications are displayed […]

BuddyPress Action Hook Sequence During Startup

Published on March 11th, 2014 by Brian

When writing BuddyPress themes and plugins, it can be essential to know the sequence in which action hooks are invoked. The diagram below is especially useful during the site loading process, and will help you make better informed choices of actions to hook into for the loading and initialization of your plugin or theme. The […]

Version 1.9.2

Published on February 5th, 2014 by John James Jacoby

On February 5, 2014, BuddyPress 1.9.2 was released to the public. This is a maintenance update. For Version 1.9.2, the database version (_bp_db_version in wp_options) was 7731, and the Trac revision was 7800. Summary Fix bp-default compatibility when switching themes (#5325) Better theme compatibility for themes with conditional template loaders (#5301) Fix theme compatibility sometimes […]

Version 1.9.1

Published on January 2nd, 2014 by Boone Gorges

On January 2, 2014, BuddyPress 1.9.1 was released to the public. This is a maintenance update. For Version 1.9.1, the database version (_bp_db_version in wp_options) was 7553, and the Trac revision was 7720. Summary Fix bp-default to be minimally compatible with new Notifications component (#5299) Improve logic that excludes notifications from inactive components from notifications […]


Published on December 14th, 2013 by modemlooper

BuddyPress should work on most mobile smartphone browsers in the same manner it works on desktop browsers. However, you can optimize the mobile experience in a few different ways. Responsive Themes Responsive web design or responsive themes are themes that shift its layout depending on the available screen size of the device someone has used […]

WordPress Blogs

Published on December 11th, 2013 by Ben Hansen

Some of the most powerful features of BuddyPress relate to how it enhances your multisite network. Creating a network allows your members to start their own full-powered public or private WordPress blogs. Members can track new posts and comments from public blogs across the network of sites as they are posted in the sitewide activity […]

Version 1.9

Published on December 11th, 2013 by r-a-y

Version 1.9 is a major BuddyPress feature release. BuddyPress 1.9 introduces many new features and enhancements, on top of lots of bugfixes. For Version 1.9, the database version (_bp_db_version in wp_options) was 7553, and the Trac revision was 7682. Read the full ticket log here here. Highlights The new Notifications component, which adds a Notifications […]

Twenty Ten Theme

Published on December 6th, 2013 by @mercime

A. One column Layout If you prefer to have a one column layout for all your BuddyPress pages, follow the steps below. 1. Create a child theme of the Twenty Ten theme. 2. Create a new file in your new child theme folder and name it buddypress.php. 3. The Twenty Ten theme has a one […]

Twenty Thirteen Theme

Published on December 5th, 2013 by @mercime

A. One column Layout This is the default layout of the Twenty Thirteen theme if and only if you do not add any widget in the Secondary Widget area in Appearance > Widgets. Otherwise, the Twenty Thirteen theme will automatically have a two-column layout if you add widget to the Secondary Widget area. If you […]

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