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Moderate Activity Streams

BuddyPress provides admin dashboard panels to help you manage all the different activities throughout the site, similar to the way you manage comments and other content. This screen is customizable in the same ways as other management screens, and you can act on activities using the on-hover action links or the Bulk Actions.

There are many different types of activities. Some are generated automatically by BuddyPress and other plugins, and some are entered directly by a user in the form of status update. To help manage the different activity types, use the filter dropdown box to switch between them.

In the Activity column: above each activity it says “Submitted on,” followed by the date and time the activity item was generated on your site. Clicking on the date/time link will take you to that activity on your live site. Hovering over any activity gives you options to reply, edit, spam mark, or delete that activity.

In the In Response To column: if the activity was in reply to another activity, it shows that activity’s author’s picture and name, and a link to that activity on your live site. If there is a small bubble, the number in it shows how many other activities are related to this one; these are usually comments. Clicking the bubble will filter the activity screen to show only related activity items.

Activity Management Screen

Activity Management Screen. Click on image to enlarge.

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