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Version 3.0.0

Published on May 16th, 2018 by Paul Gibbs

Version 3.0 is a major BuddyPress feature release. For Version 3.0, the database version (_bp_db_version in wp_options) was 11105, and the Trac revision was 11965. To read the full list of features, fixes, and changes in this version of BuddyPress, visit Trac. Say hello to “Nouveau”! A bold reimagining of our legacy templates, Nouveau is our celebration […]

Version 1.8

Published on July 17th, 2013 by Boone Gorges

Version 1.8 is a major BuddyPress feature release. BuddyPress 1.8 introduces many new features and enhancements, on top of lots of bugfixes. For Version 1.8, the database version (_bp_db_version in wp_options) was 6080, and the Trac revision was 7278. Read the full ticket log here here. Highlights BP’s packaged styles have been streamlined, so that […]


Published on April 13th, 2012 by dennissmolek

Quick Note on group creation, When a group first gets created it fires multiple actions some times multiple times. For example, groups_create_group and groups_created_group fire first on the initial details page, and AGAIN when the group is actually created. To bind to when the group is ACTUALLY created use groups_group_create_complete. so:


Published on January 20th, 2009 by Andy Peatling

bp-groups.php groups_screen_my_groups groups_screen_group_invites groups_screen_group_home groups_screen_group_forum_topic groups_screen_group_forum groups_screen_group_members groups_screen_group_invite groups_screen_group_leave groups_screen_group_request_membership groups_screen_group_admin groups_screen_group_admin_edit_details groups_screen_group_admin_settings groups_screen_group_admin_manage_members groups_screen_group_admin_requests groups_screen_group_admin_delete_group groups_screen_notification_settings groups_promoted_member groups_demoted_member groups_banned_member groups_unbanned_member groups_format_activity groups_format_notifications groups_create_group_step1_save groups_create_group_step2_save groups_create_group_step3_save groups_created_group groups_delete_group groups_new_group_forum groups_new_forum_topic_post groups_new_forum_topic groups_invite_user groups_uninvite_user groups_accept_invite groups_reject_invite groups_send_invites groups_leave_group groups_join_group groups_new_wire_post groups_deleted_wire_post groups_details_updated groups_settings_updated groups_membership_requested groups_membership_accepted groups_membership_rejected groups_remove_data bp-groups/bp-groups-templatetags.php groups_header_tabs groups_admin_tabs groups_creation_tabs bp-groups/directories/bp-groups-directory-groups.php groups_directory_groups_sidebar groups_directory_groups_content Accessing Group […]

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