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BuddyPress in Your Language

Like WordPress, BuddyPress has the built in capability to be used in any language. The instructions below assume you have already configured WordPress in Your Language with define ('WPLANG', ''); in your WordPress wp-config.php file, if you have not setup this do this first by Installing WordPress in Your Language.

Getting the language files

Go to and select your preferred language e.g. Hungarian

Select ‘all current’ as ‘.po’ and click ‘export’ and save this file to a folder on your computer, do the same again this time selecting ‘.mo’

Using the language files

Rename each file of the files to buddypress-language_COUNTRY.extension

buddypress-plugin-hu.po to buddypress-hu_HU.po and to

Using FTP upload both the .po and .mo files to /wp-content/languages/ of your WordPress instalation. If the /wp-content/languages/ folder does not exist, create it.

Is your language missing?

If you do not see your language in the list, please consider creating a BuddyPress translation, to get started see Translating WordPress and post any questions you have on the WordPress Polyglots blog.