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Prelaunch Checklist

Releasing BuddyPress to the world is a big deal, and takes quite a few manual steps to ensure safe and comfortable updates and upgrades are had by all. Below are the steps the core team goes through with each and every new release. (There are plans to automate a great deal of this with Grunt in 2014, but until then, enjoy this extremely long list of responsibilities.)

  1. Write release version page on codex (i.e.
  2. Add new version page to codex Releases page (
  3. Bump version in bp-loader.php (plugin header)
  4. Bump version in src/bp-loader.php (plugin header + $this->version (setup_globals()))
  5. Bump the database version in src/bp-loader.php ($this->version (setup_globals()))
  6. Bump version in dev trunk readme.txt
  7. Bump stable-tag in dev trunk readme.txt
  8. Add new Upgrade Notice for this version in readme.txt
  9. Commit bumps to dev svn repository
  10. If this is a major x.y release, create dev branch from trunk
  11. Export dev branch to deploy branch
  12. Delete .travis.yml and /tests/ and /bp-forums/bbpress/ (These are not committed to the deploy repository)
  13. Make sure /bp-forums/bbpress/ externals are set on newly created branch (the correct syntax is
    svn propset svn:externals 'bbpress' tags/1.5.3/bp-forums/

    or whatever your path to bp-forums is)

  14. Create deploy tag from dev branch
  15. Update readme.txt in trunk, including stable tag. The release is now live.

Now that you’ve tagged a new BuddyPress release, it’s time to tell the world about it!

  1. Write a blog post on
  2. Update version number in the Downloads page on the
  3. Write a blog post on
  4. Forum announcement in

Almost done!

  1. Bump dev trunk to alpha in bp-loader.php (2.1-alpha)
  2. Bump newly created dev branch in bp-loader.php (2.0.1-alpha)
  3. Sync deploy trunk and dev trunk

GlotPress Translation Strings

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