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Prelaunch Checklist

Releasing BuddyPress to the world is a big deal, and takes quite a few manual steps to ensure safe & comfortable updates & upgrades are had by all. Below are the steps release leads go through with each & every release.

Note: These steps vary slightly depending on major/minor/urgency of the deployment to For questions, or if something is not clear, please ping @johnjamesjacoby, @boone, or @djpaul, who are mad enough to comprehend how & why all this works the way it does. (We keep planning to automate this, but until then, please enjoy this extremely long and intimidating list of responsibilities.)


There are two code repositories, and you’ll be tasked with compiling the BuddyPress codebase from the development repo to the deployment repo. They are separate because BuddyPress is deployed to almost all end-users from the public plugin repository in a way that requires some development assets to be pre-compiled (it’s not a literal 1-to-1 copy) and because BuddyPress is lucky enough to have its own Trac instance on


We’ll refer to these two repositories like this for the duration of these steps:

[dev] =
[wporg] =

Now that you’re familiar, sit back, relax, put on your headgear, and get ready for a trip to the atmosphere…

Codex Pages

For minor/major full releases only.

  1. Create release version page on codex (
  2. Create version page to codex Releases page (
  3. Review recent rockstars, change as needed.

Version Bumps (in dev)

  1. Change version in bp-loader.php (plugin header)
  2. Change version in src/bp-loader.php (plugin header)
  3. Change $this->version (setup_globals()) in class-buddypress.php
  4. Change stable-tag readme.txt (major and minor releases)
  5. Change tested-up-to readme.txt (major and minor releases)
  6. Change version in package.json
  7. Use the latest version of npm and: npm install and then npm shrinkwrap
  8. Add “Upgrade Notice” & “Changelog” entries for this version in readme.txt (major and minor releases)
  9. Commit changes

Tagging/Branching (in dev)

N.B. Once created, a tag cannot be removed or edited nor trunk merged to it so please ensure all necessary updates to trunk are committed before creating the tag copy from it.

Deploying to [wporg]

You’ll probably want to checkout the entire BuddyPress repository from This way you can navigate the entire trunk/branches/tags structure, and more easily make changes as necessary.

svn co

Omit externals – that will save you lots of time. Checkout into a temporary directory…

  1. Export the development version of BuddyPress you intend to deploy to users: svn co . --force --ignore-externals.
  2. Use the latest version of npm and run: npm install and then grunt build. (You may need to globally update npm, or other such fun stuff. Your mileage may vary.)
  3. Copy the contents of the build directory to a new tags directory in a [wporg] checkout.
  4. Add the new tag folder to SVN:
    svn add tags/2.7.1
  5. Set /bp-forums/bbpress/ externals on the new tag. The correct syntax is:
    svn propset svn:externals 'bbpress' tags/2.7.1/bp-forums/

    We use the version as set in the last BP release (which can be seen here Current bbP version – hover bbPress link at the bottom; unless a new version is released for BP, check with leads if not sure.

  6. Commit the contents of the new build folder to a new tag on [wporg].
  7. Copy the contents of the build directory to the trunk directory in the [wporg] checkout.
    N.B Remember to svn add new files when copying to trunk e.g bp-core/deprecated/2.7.php will be a new file & easily overlooked.
  8. If it’s not a beta or a release candidate, Update with the new stable tag. The release is now live.
  9. Ask Paul Gibbs to update (via git-svn he has locally).
  10. Ask Paul Gibbs to go to and click “Update”.


  1. Write a blog post on
  2. Update version number in the Downloads page on the
  3. Write a blog post on
  4. Forum announcement in
  5. Send tweets from the BP twitter accounts.

Version Bumps (in dev)

  1. If a major x.y release, bump trunk version numbers to alpha in bp-loader.php (2.1-alpha).
  2. Bump relevant branch version numbers to alpha in bp-loader.php (2.1-alpha).
  3. If a major x.y release, sync [dev] trunk and [wporg] trunk.

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