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The BuddyPress Default Theme

Archived file. Good up to BP 1.9 version. The BP Default theme will no longer be activated in new installations from BP 1.9 onwards and will be retired in the near future.

The BP Default theme bundled with the BuddyPress plugin is a theme framework which contains all the functionality of regular WordPress templates enhanced with BuddyPress template tags along with special templates, AJAX, JS, and CSS to render the basic components and features of BuddyPress.

Basic bp-default theme HTML Structure

bp-default theme files have the basic structure in common:

To be more specific, the general theme structure is shown below:

// Start of header.php
<body id="bp-default">
		<h1 id="logo"></h1>
			<div class="padder">
			</div><!-- close div.padder -->
		</div><!-- close div#search-bar -->
	</div><!-- close div#header -->


// End of header.php

//Start of Template files

			<div class="padder">

			<!-- Different configurations depending on page or component -->

			</div><!-- close div.padder -->
		</div><!-- close div#content -->

			<div class="padder">

			// login form, widgets, etc.

			</div><!-- close div.padder -->
		</div><!-- close div#sidebar -->

// End of Template files

// Start of footer.php

	</div><!-- close div#container -->

	</div><!-- close div#footer -->

// End of footer.php
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