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Installing a Compatible Theme

Archived file. Good only up to BP 1.5 version

After you activate BuddyPress, you’ll get this message under the header of the Plugins page:

BuddyPress is ready. You'll need to activate a BuddyPress compatible theme to take advantage of all of the features. We've bundled a default theme, but you can always install some other compatible themes or upgrade your existing WordPress theme.

Activate a BuddyPress compatible theme

This link goes to your admin themes page where you can activate the bp-default theme to test drive the different BuddyPress components that you, as Super/Site Admin, chose to enable for your community.

If you want to modify or customize the bp-default theme, build a child theme instead to ensure that your revisions will not be overwritten when you upgrade BuddyPress.

Install some other compatible themes

This link goes to a special theme installation page listing all BuddyPress-compatible themes and child themes of the bp-default theme which have been accepted in the WordPress Themes repository and are ready to install and activate in your site.

1. BuddyPress themes and bp-default child themes are also available at:

2. Make sure that the theme you want to install is compatible with the WordPress/BuddyPress versions you have activated in your installation.

Upgrade your existing WordPress theme

This link goes to a new BuddyPress admin panel where you can automatically install the BP Template Pack plugin to integrate BuddyPress component templates into your active WordPress theme.

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