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Using bbPress 2.2+ with BuddyPress

Archived file. Good up to BP 1.6.5

Recently, bbPress 2.2+ introduced support for BuddyPress.

However, BuddyPress already has a Discussion Forums component that is packaged with the plugin.

We don’t recommend that you use both bbPress and BP’s Discussion Forums at the same time.  So which one should you use?

For most users, we recommend bbPress. bbPress is more flexible, more robust, and more actively developed.

If you already have both the BP’s Discussion Forums component and bbPress enabled, you have a few options:

  1. Migrate your BP Discussion Forums content to bbPress (preferred)
  2. Keep using BP Discussion Forums and disable bbPress
  3. Use BuddyPress’ built-in forums and bbPress at the same time

Approach 1: Migrate BP Discussion Forums to bbPress (preferred)

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to consider migrating to the bbPress plugin:

If you’d like to convert your BuddyPress built-in forums to use bbPress, follow this guide:

If you have any questions with this guide, please post in our support forum:

Approach 2: Keep using BuddyPress’ built-in forums

This approach is easy. Just deactivate bbPress and keep using BuddyPress’ built-in forums.

The reason why you might want to do this is if you’ve already made large customizations to your BuddyPress group forums and you don’t feel an immediate need to use the bbPress plugin.

If you have a relatively, new BuddyPress install, it is recommended to follow approach 1.

Approach 3: Use both BuddyPress’ built-in forums and bbPress together

If you’ve already configured both BuddyPress and bbPress to work alongside each other and you know why you want both forums, that’s OK too.

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