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Installing Group and Sitewide Forums (v1.5)

Sections: Set up new Forums for Groups only | Use Existing Installation of Forums for Groups only | Set up Sitewide Forums only | Set up Forums for Groups and Sitewide Forums | Forums Frequently Asked Questions

E. Forums: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enable my Group’s forum?

How can I migrate my Group Forums to the Sitewide Forums?

Migration script to transfer Group Forums to Sitewide Forums is not available at this time.

I cannot uninstall the Forums for Groups. When i click uninstall group forums, it just re-initiates itself. What step am I missing?

First, back up your database and the bb-config.php file which was generated in root of your WordPress install when you installed Forums for Groups. Delete bb-config.php file from server.

I installed this cool bbPress add-on plugin and it’s only working in my Sitewide Forums but not in my Group Forums. What’s wrong with my installation?

Unless it is specifically stated as a plugin for the BuddyPress group forums, all add-on bbPress plugins are specifically for the Sitewide Forums (bbPress 2.0, the plugin).

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