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Configuring Components (v1.6)

Archived file. Good up to BP 1.6 version

After activating BuddyPress 1.6 and going through the new installation wizard, there will be five admin panels (relocated in BP 1.6) where you will be able to configure the plugin further. There’s a NEW Activity Stream admin panel in the backend as well.

Settings > BuddyPress > Components

By default, all BuddyPress components are enabled. You can selectively disable any of the components by using the form. Your BuddyPress installation will continue to function. However, the features of the disabled components will no longer be accessible to anyone using the site

Settings > BuddyPress > Pages

BuddyPress components are rendered as WordPress Pages in BuddyPress. You’ll recall that the above Pages were created and associated to respective BP components in Step 2 of the Installation Wizard.

Settings > BuddyPress > Settings

Settings > BuddyPress > Forums

Three choices are available: Group Forums only, Sitewide Forums only, or Group and Sitewide Forums. Proceed to the illustrated step-by-step guide to set up both forums.

Users > Profile Fields

Your users will distinguish themselves through their profile page. You must give them profile fields that allow them to describe themselves in a way that is relevant to the theme of your social network.

Note: Any fields in the first group will appear on the signup page.

Arrange profile fields by drag and drop

Arrange profile fields by drag and drop


Move fields to different field groups by dragging onto tab

Activity Stream Admin Panel

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