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Configuring Components (v1.2)

Archived file. Good only up to BP 1.2 version

After installing and activating BuddyPress, a new menu button with links to help you configure BuddyPress will be added to your dashboard under the Dashboard menu button.

General Settings

Component Setup

By default, all BuddyPress components are enabled. You can selectively disable any of the components by using the form. Your BuddyPress installation will continue to function. However, the features of the disabled components will no longer be accessible to anyone using the site

Forums Setup

Forums in BuddyPress make use of a bbPress installation to function. You can choose to either let BuddyPress set up a new bbPress install, or use an already existing bbPress install. Note that bbPress forums in BuddyPress are fully integrated and attached to groups instead of the categorical and hierarchical format available in an external bbPress forum. Choose one of the options below:

Profile Field Setup

Your users will distinguish themselves through their profile page. You must give them profile fields that allow them to describe themselves in a way that is relevant to the theme of your social network.

Note: Any fields in the first group will appear on the signup page.

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