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User Submitted Guides

User Guides are submitted by the members of the BuddyPress community. Unlike the regular guides to BuddyPress functions, actions, loops they will tend to cover useful tips or custom functions to achieving specific functionality over and above the default component rendering.

BuddyPress has a great community of skilled developers and users developing sites and writing functionality to extend BuddyPress whether it be full blown plugins or simple functions to fetch user extended profiles to display on members list etc; while we endeavour to check these guides, the codex is open for all to submit articles / guides to and we would ask and advise people to follow two essential steps if intending on running any code examples they may find in this section:

  1. Check the article/guides BP version number and other version details to ensure the code is up to date with current BP/WP release versions
  2. Please test any code in your local development environment or staging server before uploading to a live production server
  3. Do perform an additional database backup prior to releasing code live on your production site, please be safe not sorry!
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