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Installation Wizard (v1.5)

After installing and activating BuddyPress, you will see an admin message with the link to the new BuddyPress Installation Wizard. Click on the "installation wizard" link.

Step 1: Choose the BuddyPress Components you want in your installation.

Click on "Save & Next" button.

Step 2: Associate/Create Pages for your BuddyPress Components.

Click on "Save & Next" button.

Step 3: Choose Pretty Permalinks structure.

Click on "Save & Next" button.

Step 4: Choose theme to use for your BP install.

Recommend using the bp-default theme to test drive all the BP features you activated. Click on "Save & Next" button.

Step 5: Finish and Activate

You now have the following tables in your database

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Configure BuddyPress Components for BP 1.5