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Tips – Tricks – Code Snippets

The following code snippets are to be used AT YOUR OWN RISK. Most are harmless but could cause potential conflict with other plugins or even the core code. Please test before using on a production site.

Snippets are from various places around the web and also posted in the BuddyPress support forums

This is a centralized location to find snippets of code to customize and enhance your BuddyPress site. Add the code snippets to a file bp-custom.php and place in wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php

If you want to add a link to a snippet, post your code in the BuddyPress forum or your own site and then place a link here. To keep this page in order, do not place code in this page.

Show profile fields in member header.

If you want to add extra profile info in the members profile header this function will do that. Change field= to the field you want to display.

Get tip here

props modemlooper

Convert birthdate and show user age in profile header.

If your user profile fields include a birth date field and you want to display age based on birthdate use this tip.

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props sbrajesh

Restrict Group Creation.

2 easy ways to restrict group creation.

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props Polly

Editing Group Meta.

a tutorial on creating group meta.

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props Dennis